adoption sessions

Our desire is for our hearts to beat for what our HIS heart beats for. Both of our hearts are gripped for the cause of the orphaned and vulnerable children in this world. We have devoted our life and lens for HIS use and glory. As we were praying for a vision and a way for two of our passions (Orphan Advocacy & Photography) to intersect, the Lord placed Chosen Sessions on our hearts. We wish to go along side of adoptive families and support and celebrate the Father’s Heart in their family. We know each family has a story of it’s own of God’s faithfulness, calling, and provision, and each child, has their own story of rescue and love. We would be honored to capture the joy and beauty of YOUR adoption.


Through Chosen Sessions we offer. . .

a discount on any photo session if you are an adoptive family.

a free session to two adopted families per year.

20% of our proceeds from a Chosen Session will go to support another family in their adoption.


Qualifications for applying for one of our free Chosen Sessions:

-Families must have adopted their child(ren) within the 6 months of applying to be qualified for a Chosen Session.

-Also to qualify we ask for you to share your adoption story in a few paragraphs. When we post pictures of your family on our blog, we would like to include it amongst the pictures of your family.


We will post your story among all the other adoptive families that enter and have an option where our clients, your friends and family may vote for their favorite story. The family with the most votes by a date we will give will be contacted, we will then proceed to schedule a time for your Chosen Session.

We look forward to hearing your story!

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