Our Foundation is Jesus Christ. He is the epicenter of everything we do. Our hearts’ prayer is that He will receive all the glory in and through our lives. Josh has a background in Cinema and Film, and has produced mainly short films, but wants to direct and produce a feature-length film some day! He has a passion for the arts, especially visual arts, and believes that since we have an infinite God, that we should have infinite options for God-glorifying art. We don’t create art for God – He doesn’t need it. We create art in response to Him – because the world needs it. Brooke has a background in Photography and has owned her own photography business since 2009. She has a degree in Photography, and has worked in a photography studio as one of their primary shooter for sessions and events. She has a passion for the voiceless, and wants her photography to join with the cause of the orphan, widow, and unborn for the purpose of furthering His Kingdom in this world.

Josh & Brooke met in 2010 at a Bible college in Windsor, Colorado, and were married in 2012. (You can read our love story HERE) With Josh’s passion for creating powerful visual imagery, and Brooke’s God-given eye for the beauty & wonder of His creation, they form a dynamic duo. Together they capture & create stunning, yet beautiful pictures – capturing His creation from His lens… the best perspective to have.