We exist to capture your legacy, to document the moments you'll cherish for generations

Our heart behind Living Reflection is to capture a reflection of the heart and perspective of the Master Artist as He scripts your lives and your legacies. To celebrate with you the beauty of every moment; from the big celebrations all the way to the seemingly ordinary moments. His beauty is to be found everywhere if we just look to find His living reflection. It’s found in the moment that you say "I Do" to the moment when your little one wraps their sweet dimpled arms around your neck. Our desire is to dig deeper into capturing your life with His eyesight. Capturing and preserving the essence of each beautiful gift, each precious season, each moment that turns into your story. Because it's not just a photograph, to us it's part of your legacy and each frame is a tangible extension of our hearts. 


kind words from our clients:

I have never felt like I have wanted to just CRY when looking at pictures! What an amazing job you did for us! I am overwhelmed at the shots you took of our children! I am soaking it all up and am so grateful. Thank you!

– Cecilia



"Josh & Brooke are soo great!
The photo's that they
captured on our wedding are
absolutely beautiful, and we
will treasure them always."

– Drew and Olivia

We'd love to meet for coffee and chat all about your  plans, vision, and all the details in between. Based on your vision, we'll find the perfect package that fits your needs. A signed contract and deposit fee officially book your date.  As we chat we will be able to start the foundation of creating magic with you as we pull together your vision with ours. 


Our Lord Jesus, He is our ultimate inspiration. Everything we do is inspired by the radiance of His glory. Our precious boys, Josiah and David who daily make our hearts swell. These two bring so much joy into our lives. They daily open our eyes and show us a deeper meaning to what a beautiful life we have been given in every raw moment. Teaching us that every moment is to be soaked in and celebrated. La vita e bella. I will share a quote borrowed from Little Men which captures our little men's personalties perfectly, Josiah is an energetic morsel of a boy who seemed to have discovered the secret of perpetual motion. For he never was still. And David has his own little sphere and fills it beautifully. Everyone needed a pet at times and Davy is aways ready to accommodate. For kissing and cuddling suites him excellently.  

Our Inspiration

Investing in the tangible memories of your legacy. We want to create treasured heirlooms for you that will be handed down from generation to generation. Your story that will be told and cherished by your loved ones years to come. It will go by so fast and you will wonder if they ever really did fit just so in the palm in your hands or how it felt seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day. A photograph is to remember not just every detail but exactly how it felt. Because that is what will bring you back to this moment, every single time. 

Our Wedding Collections start at $2,750
Our Portrait & Lifestyle Collections start at $350


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