Kramer & Morgan :: Elegant Moutaintop Wedding

October 3, 2015

What a breathtaking day this was! Kramer and Morgan’s love shone with Christ! It was beautiful to behold! It was such a joy and an honor for us to capture these moments from this stunning day. The beauty of this day was rooted in something so much deeper than the memories made, deeper than the love Kramer and Morgan have for each other, deeper than all the beautiful details and breathtaking mountain views it was rooted in Christ Jesus. This day was brimming over with HIS richness and beauty that reflected the glory and the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

To get a glimpses into Kramer and Morgan’s heart here are some of our favorite frames highlighting their wedding day as well as their heartfelt vows that they shared before all of us…

“As your husband, as your wife, by the power of the Spirit of God, I promise to love you humbly and sacrificially, as Christ loved the church, to rest in the joy of the Lord and allow His presence to be the source of joy in our marriage. To abide in the peace of God and handle disagreements with a readiness to forgive and be forgiven. To live with patience during the trials ahead of us, with faith. To serving in kindness, thinking of you above myself. To cherish God’s goodness with YOU, and lead you in HIS truth, and follow you in His truth. To live with faithfulness, never to break this covenant, made with you and before God, To love you with gentleness, encouraging and strengthening you, in times of weakness, to be self-controlled, following the leading of the Spirit of God in our marriage, with God as our witness, I make these vows to you today, promising to keep them as long as I live, I offer to you, all that I have, all that I am, and all that I will be”



May your marriage continue to spill forth Jesus Christ and our Precious Lord, Kramer and Morgan!

Always onward and upward!


p.s. To listen to Kramer & Morgan’s perfectly written love story scripted by the King of Kings CLICK HERE && to watch their wedding video CLICK HERE!