Peter & Lydia | Mountaintop Romance Engagement

May 1, 2019

This mountaintop romance engagement session was a drrrreamm! Every image tells a story, each holds emotion and memories of those sweet days of engagement – that new-found love, the expectation of their wedding day, the butterflies, and all the hopes and dreams they share together for the future. We hope that these photographs will hold such dear memories for Peter and Lydia as they look back on and cherish these moments and to remember these sweet days of engagement. It was such an honor to be apart of capturing their story surrounded by the ageless beauty of the Rocky Mountian National Park. This photoshoot and these two couldn’t have been more perfect!

Starting at the base of the mountains, we found a perfect grove of trees where the sun was filtering through the branches creating a magical glow. We weaved our way through the curving mountian roads, stoping a few times along the way whenever we found a lovely hidden nook. Once at the top, the grandiose mountains took our breath away as we stood looking over their vast expanse. We picked our way over the tundra just as the sun began to set. The loveliest rose-tinted sunset greeted us as Peter and Lydia – swept away in love, only had eyes for each other. Where better to be in the arms of the one you love as the majestic mountains and their future stretched before them.

We can’t wait to share the photos from there wedding day soon! We’d love to know your favorite photos, comment bellow to let us know.


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